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Ancient History Series: What is the XL version and how does it differ from the individually packed DVDs?

Individually Packaged DVDs = 30 Minute Episodes.  These episodes are from the individually packed DVDs.

XL Box Set = 45 Minutes Episodes.  These episodes come in the box set of four DVDs labeled “XL”.

What was the height of Goliath?
Goliath’s height is recorded in 1 Samuel 17:4. In most English translations, this verse says Goliath was “6 cubits and a span.” There is usually a note at the bottom or in the margin which says a cubit is about 18 inches, and may calculate Goliath’s height as 9’9″ by multiplying 6 by 18 and adding 9 (a span or half a cubit). However, the text that says 6 cubits is the Masoretic text, dated to about the 10th century AD. The other two main texts of the book of Samuel, the Septuagint (LXX) and the Dead Sea Scrolls (4QSam51), are both much older, perhaps going as far back as the 3rd century BC. Both the Septuagint and the Dead Sea Scrolls record Goliath’s height as 4 cubits and a span. Thus, according to both the oldest Biblical texts and the majority of Biblical texts, Goliath’s height was approximately 6’9″ rather than 9’9″. This is also in agreement with archaeological discoveries, which include skeletons of 6’9″ and 6’10” found in the region, but nothing even approaching a 9 foot tall skeleton.

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