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East Meets West

In this Drive Thru History Series you will receive three shows with a running time of over 90 minutes.

The first episode explores an unusual and mystical region known as Cappadocia. Here Dave explores underground cities that stretched under vast areas. Inhabited first by the ancient Hittites, they were later occupied by early Christians who feared persecution by Romans and later by Muslims.

In the second episode, Dave is off to Istanbul, once called Constantinople and once called Byzantium. Dave explores the Hagia Sophia (meaning “Holy wisdom”). The Hagia Sophia is now a museum but was once considered the most beautiful and important Christian Church in the world. Learn about Constantine-the Roman Emperor who stopped the persecution of Christians and legalized open religious expression though the Edict of Milan. Dave examines one of Constantine’s greatest achievements when he brought various Christian factions together to end what many viewed as heresy and work together to develop the Nicene Creed. Last Dave travels thru Istanbul to see the evidence of the last great battle for control of the city-a battle that officially ended the Roman Empire.

The final episode is a retrospective “best of” tour through the ancient roots of Western Civilization. Loaded with bloopers, outtakes and commentary from Dave, we end our tour in Washington DC where we start connecting some of the dots between ancient history and the “American experiment” in Western Civilization. If you like the series, you will love Dave’s trip down memory lane.

Episode Breakdown

Episode 1 – Cappadocia: The Fairy Chimney of Cappadocia, Hittites and King David, Shopping in the Bazaar, The Underground Cities
Episode 2 – Istanbul: Istanbul’s History, Emperor Constantine’s Conversion, Edict of Milan, Nicene Creed, Fall of Constantinople, Hagia Sofia
Episode 3 – Best of DTH: Best of Drive Thru History, Bloopers, Western Civilization Comes to America

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